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The Protectors

Illustrated anthology of prose superhero fiction by various talented authors and artists

What is a Hero? - Damson Dragon Diary 1

by Paige E. Ewing

Authors & Artists


Paul Benjamin

Alan J. Porter

Rick Klaw

Jarrett Crippen

Alex Gray (Mike Nystul)

Paige E. Ewing

Beth Loubet

Marshall Maresca

K G Jewell

liam cummings


Doug Potter

Denis Loubet


Zach Spivey

Ben Darling


Damson Dragon Diary

I'm really just a regular girl. I'm trying to make a living in Austin, Texas, support my elderly mother, keep from getting killed by dragon slayers, dodge the amorous attentions of Vlad Dracul, keep supervillains from blowing up Mansfield dam, and defeat an army of evil to save Camelot. Ok, so maybe I'm a little ... different. But what's the point of being different if I can't make a difference?

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Caught Dreams Books editor's personal blog of all the stuff that happens, mostly in the real world.

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Cover art by Ben Darling
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